Star Class Inc. has been manufacturing APU’s since 1984 when Star Class saw a need for an APU, made in the USA, to compliment the fiberglass sleepers they were manufacturing for long haul trucks. The products available at the time were expensive, hard to work on and made in Japan. They immediately sought out components that were robust, cost-effective and you guessed it, made in the USA!


They designed their APU with the driver/mechanic in mind. Maintenance is easier to perform than competitive models and components are simple to understand. Their design was created to keep the units running for many years without spending money on repairs. Many of the early units are STILL on the road today!


Over the years, the company focus shifted from sleepers to the APUs because word of mouth was creating a strong demand. Other products grew from this including Heater/Air Conditioning for the truck.


Since Star Class was known for quality products, the railroad industry came to us to manufacture an engine warmer/APU of similar quality. That’s when the RAILSTAR product was born. We’ve been adding options that the railroads requested and there is no way but up for Railstar!


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