Over The Road Products

Prior to purchasing an APU there are a few features you should consider:


• Constant Duty Power Rating vs. Peak Power Rating

• An APU cannot maintain peak rating for more than a few seconds.

• Serviceability – oil changes, air filter, and belt replacement.

• Service Network

• Parts availability

• Longevity – StarClass has been producing APU’s for over 25 years.

Gen-Star 4500

Star-AC/Heat "Under the Bunk" Unit

Accordion Style / Rubber Boot

Gen-Star 4500

With the Perkins Long Life Industrial Engine



• Industry Leading Heavy Duty 3” Bearings

• Uses Approximately 1 Gallon of fuel in 8 Hours – Under Normal Loads

• Double Capacity Oil Pan

• More Ventilation for Increased Airflow

• Auto Shutdown for Low Oil or High Water Temperature

• Ease of Service with Lid Off

• Simplified Design

• 2 Years Factory Warranty

• Runs at 1950 RPM, NOT 2950 RPM like Most Competitors

• Tested & Approved by PerkinsTM N.A.

• Service Available Nationwide

• All Units Test Run

• Optional HVAC System Available


Stand Alone – Can Run Without APU, using Shore Power

Star-AC/Heat "Under the Bunk" Unit


The Star-AC/Heat "under the bunk" unit is powered by your 110 volt AC so that it can be run off of your generator or shore-power. The Star-AC/Heat will fit under most bunks.



• Self-contained and compact

• No carbon footprint when plugged into shore-power

• Digital thermostat with single degree adjustment

• 8,000 BTU of heat

• 14,000 BTU of cooling

• Made with top quality components



Star-AC/Heat --- 12" high x 20" wide x 22" deep with a 3' 110v cord

Thermostat ------ 3 ¾" high x 4 ½" wide x 11/8" deep with a 15' cord

Accordion Style / Rubber Boot


• Small-- ED-5381 expands from 1.5in. to 3.5 in.

  (150ft box/70lbs/.6lbs per ft)


• Med-- ED-5388 expands from 3in. to 8in.

  (100ft box/70lbs/.7lbs per ft)


• Large-- ED-5389 expands from 4.5in. to 12in

  (75 ft box/75lbs/1lbs per ft)

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